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The John M. Olin Center for Inquiry into the Theory and Practice of Democracy

Modern Thought and the U.S. Constitution:
Can We Still Believe in the Founding Principles?


Lecture Series Schedule


October 7

Conor Cruise O'Brien
Chancellor, Dublin University
The Opinion of Mankind: A Foreign Perspective

October 21

David F. Epstein
Author of The Political Theory of the Federalist
Justice, the General Welfare, and the Blessings of Liberty


November 4

Thomas L. Pangle
Department of Political Science, University of Toronto
The Moral Vision of the American Founders

January 13

Susan Shell
Department of Political Science, Boston College
Idealism and the U.S. Constitution

January 27

Antonin Scalia
U.S. Supreme Court
The Constitution, the People, and the Courts

February 10

Marc F. Plattner
National Endowment for Democracy
Capitalism and the Constitution: The Economists vs. the Founders

March 30

James H. Nichols, Jr.
Department of Government, Claremont McKenna College
Dewey's Pragmatism and the U.S. Constitution


April 19

Forrest McDonald
Department of History, University of Alabama
The Founding: A New Order for the Moment?

May 5

Bill Bradley
Senator from New Jersey
Modern Thought and the U.S. Constitution

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