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Mark Lilla

Curriculum Vitae

Committee on Social Thought                                                 
University of Chicago                                                                                   
1130 East 59th Street                                                                          
Chicago, IL  60637                                                                                     
773 702 8496                  mlilla@uchicago.edu


Harvard University, Ph.D., Department of Government, 1990.  Doctoral thesis: "A Preface to Vico: Skepticism, Politics, Theodicy."  

Harvard University, M.P.P., Kennedy School of Government, 1980. 

University of Michigan, A.B. summa cum laude, Political Science and Economics, 1978.  


Academic appointments 

1999-               Professor of Social Thought, University of Chicago

1996-99           Associate Professor, Department of Politics, New York University.  

1994-96           Associate Director, Institute for Advanced European Studies, New York University 

1990-96           Assistant Professor, Department of Politics, New York University. 


Other professional experience and memberships 

2002-               Member, Advisory Board, Journal of Israeli History 

2001-               Member, Editorial Board, European Journal of Political Theory 

2000-               Member, Board of University Publications, University of Chicago 

1996-               Editor and Associate, Correspondence 

1994-95           Program Director, New York Institute for the Humanities 

1992-99           Fellow, New York Institute for the Humanities 

1992-               Member, Honorary Committee, Center for Political Thought, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland 

1991-99           General Editor, "New French Thought" series, Princeton University Press.    

1990-96           Contributing Editor, Partisan Review. 

1980-87           Editor, The Public Interest.



1995                Knight of the Order of Academic Palms, French Ministry of Education. 

1991                Leo Strauss Award, American Political Science Association.  Awarded annually for the best dissertation in political philosophy in the United States.


Fellowships and grants 

1998                Earhart Foundation.  Research Fellowship. 

1997-98           Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 

1997                New York University.  Research Challenge Grant. 

1996-97           Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (postponed). 

1996                Earhart Foundation.  Research Fellowship. 

1995-96           Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow, Freie Universität, Berlin.  

                        Research Associate, Einstein Forum, Potsdam. 

1994                Earhart Foundation.  Research Fellowship. 

                        New York University.  Presidential Fellowship. 

1993-94           New York University.  Research Challenge Grant. 

1992-1993       National Endowment for the Humanities.  Grant for "New French Thought" series, Princeton University Press. 

1992-1993       French Ministry of Culture, Centre National du Livre.  Grant for "New French Thought" series, Princeton University Press. 

1992                Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD).  Summer grant for language training. 

1989-1990       Newcombe Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation 

                        Krupp Fellow, Harvard Center for European Studies 

1988-1989       Social Science Dissertation Fellowship, Harvard University 

1986-1987       Prix de Rome, American Academy in Rome 

                        Fulbright Fellow, Italy 

1978-1980       HEW Fellow, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University  




The Reckless Mind.  Intellectuals in Politics (New York Review Books, 2001). 

The Legacy of Isaiah Berlin (New York Review Books, 2001).  Edited with Ronald Dworkin and Robert Silvers. 

New French Thought: Political Philosophy (Princeton University Press, 1994).  Editor. 

 G.B. Vico: The Making of an Anti-Modern (Harvard University Press, 1993; paperback, 1994) 

The Public Face of Architecture: Civic Culture and Public Spaces (Free Press, 1987).  Edited with Nathan Glazer. 

Selected articles 

“Zionism and the Counter-Intellectuals.”  Journal of Israeli History, forthcoming. 

 “New Liberal Thought."  Article in Columbia History of Twentieth Century French Thought, edited by Lawrence Kritzman (New York: Columbia University Press, forthcoming). 

“Deux conceptions de liberté dans l’Amerique d’après 1968.”  Chapter in Philippe Raynaud and Elisabeth Zoller, eds., Le droit dans la culture américaine (Paris: Editions Paris-Assas, 2001). 

“Multiculturalismo e ‘political correctness’.”  Problemi dell’informazione, June-September 2001. 

 “Hegel and the Political Theology of Reconciliation.”  Review of Metaphysics (June 2001). 

“Ignorance and Bliss.”  Wilson Quarterly, Summer 2001. 

“1989: The Lost Generation.”  In Joseph Mali, ed., Wars, Revolutions and Generational Identity (Tel Aviv: Am Ovid, 2001).  In Hebrew. 

“Wolves and Lambs,” in Mark Lilla, et al., eds, The Legacy of Isaiah Berlin (New York Review Books, 2001). 

“Night Thoughts.”  New York Review of Books, 30 November 2000.  On Michel Houellebecq. 

“Philosophy for a Messy World.”  New York Review of Books, 11 May 2000.  On Stuart Hampshire. 

“Vico Against the Skeptics.”  In Giambattista Vico nel suo tempo e nel nostro, edited by Mario Agrimi (Naples: Cuen, 1999), pp. 83-108. 

 “L’humanisme en questions.”  Introduction to Histoire de la philosophie politique, vol. 5, edited by Alain Renaut (Paris: Calmann-Lévy, 1999).   

  “Kant’s Theological-Political Revolution.”  Review of Metaphysics, December 1998. 

 “A Tale of Two Reactions.”  New York Review of Books, 14 May 1998. 

"Anti-Lumières."  Article in the Dictionnaire de philosophie politique, edited by P. Raynaud and S. Rials (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1997). 

"Was ist Gegenaufklärung?," Merkur.  May 1996 

"Ni Socrates, ni Jésus," Interpretation,,Winter 1996. 

"The Strange Birth of Liberal France," Wilson Quarterly, Fall 1994. 

"Déviances en démocratie," Le Débat, September-October 1994. 

"The Other Velvet Revolution: Continental Liberalism and its Discontents," Daedalus, Spring 1994. 

"The Trouble with Enlightenment," London Review of Books, 6 January 1994.  On Isaiah Berlin. 

"Vico: The Anti-Modernist," The Wilson Quarterly, Summer 1993. 


Major lectures 

1999                Weizmann Memorial Lecture, Rehovot, Israel.   

1998                John U. Nef Memorial Lecture, University of Chicago.

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