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Jean Bethke Elshtain

Curriculum Vitae

The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics,
The University of Chicago

Home Address

4010 Wallace Lane, Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: (615) 383-5491
Fax: (615) 383-3130

University of Chicago Office

233 Swift Hall, The Divinity School 1025 E. 58th St., Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773) 702-7252
Fax: (773) 702-6048

Chicago apartment

5020 Lake Shore Drive, 2317N
Chicago, IL 60615
Home Phone: (773) 643-5146

Academic Record

Ph.D. 1973 --- Brandeis University, Politics
Dissertation:Women and Politics: A Theoretical Analysis
Dissertation Director: George Armstrong Kelly

M.A. 1964-1965 --- University of Colorado, History
M.A. 1963-1964 --- University of Wisconsin, History

A.B. 1963 --- Colorado State University, History (summa cum laude)

Professional Experience

Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Social and Political Ethics, The University of Chicago, 1995-

Visiting Professor of Government, Harvard University, Spring, 1994.

Centennial Professor of Political Science, Vanderbilt University, 1988-1994,
Professor of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University, 1989-1994.
Director, Center for Social and Political Thought, Vanderbilt University, 1991-1994

Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1982-1987
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 1976-1982
Instructor, University of Massachusetts, Boston 1973-1976

Lecturer, University College, Northeastern University, 1972-1973
Instructor, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, Spring 1972

Instructor, Colorado State University, 1965-1966

Visiting Professor, Yale University, Spring 1983

Visiting Professor, Oberlin College, November 1981

Visiting Associate Professor,Yale University, Spring 1980

Visiting Associate Professor, Smith College, Spring 1979

Teaching and Research Areas

Social and political theory and ethics, including the history of political thought, contemporary political and social theory, moral philosophy, and women's studies.



(1). Public Man, Private Woman: Women in Social and Political Thought. (Princeton University Press, 1981; in England by Martin Robertson, Oxford, 1982).
[Selected by Choice as one of the top academic books of 1981-1982.]
Second edition, 1992, with new epilogue.

(2). editor. The Family In Political Thought., (University of Massachusetts Press, 1982).
[The volume consists of essays on the family in political thought, past and present. I contributed a preface, a substantive introductory essay, and two of the essays in the text.]

(3). Meditations on Modern Political Thought: Masculine/Feminine Themes Luther to Arendt. (Praeger, 1986). Reissued by Penn State Press, 1992.

(4). Women and War. (New York: Basic Books, 1987; in England by Harvester Book). Italian translation by I Mulino, Bologna, 1991. Japanese translation, 1994, by Hosei University Press. New paperback edition, University of Chicago Press, 1995. (5). co-edited with Sheila Tobias. Women, Militarism and War., (Rowman and Allanheld, 1990).

(6). co-edited with David Blankenhorn and Steven Bayme. Rebuilding the Nest: A New Commitment to the American Family. (Milwaukee: Family Service Publications, 1990). A 264-page book exploring families from multiple perspectives.

(7). Power Trips and Other Journeys. Essays in Feminism as Civic Discourse. (University of Wisconsin Press, 1990).

((8). editor. Just War Theory. (Basil Blackwell, 1991).

(9). But Was It Just? Reflections on the Morality of the Gulf War. co-authored with Walzer, George Weigel, Sari Nusseibeh, and Stanley Hauerwas, (New York: Doubleday, 1992)

(10). Democracy on Trial. The 1993 Massey Lectures for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Published in Canada by Stoddart, 1993; in the United States by Basic Books, 1995.
[Named a New York Times "notable book" for 1995.]
Translated into Japanese, 1998, Iwanami Shoten Publishers.

(11). co-edited with J. Timothy Cloyd. Politics and the Human Body. (Vanderbilt University Press, 1995).

(12). Augustine and the Limits of Politics. (Notre Dame University Press, 1996). Named one of the top five religion books of 1996 by The Christian Century. (13). co-edited with David Popenoe and David Blankenhorn. Promises to keep. Decline and Renewal of Marriage in America. (Rowman & Littlefield, 1996). 14). Real Politics. Political Theory and Everyday Life. (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1997).

(15). New Wine in Old Bottles: International Politics and Ethical Discourse. The 1996 Hesburgh Lectures (University of Notre Dame Press, 1998)

Works in Progress

(16). Jane Addams and America. (to be published by Addison-Wesley)

(17). The King is Dead: Sovereignty at Century's End. (to be published by Basic Books)

Articles in Professional Journals, Chapters in Books

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Book Reviews

I have published at least one hundred-twenty reviews. These have appeared in scholarly publications and journals of political and cultural criticism. I have reviewed books of history, political and social theory, feminist theory, psychoanalysis, cultural criticism, biography, moral philosophy and child development, and public policy. The following is a partial list of journals in which my reviews or short review essays have appeared:

Guest Lectureships and Presentations

I have delivered at least 180 guest lectureships, colloquia, addresses and key-note speeches in a variety of settings since 1974. Of special note are:

The Phi Beta Kappa Address, University of Massachusetts
Keynote address: American Association of Women in Community and Junior Colleges
Lecturer, Centro de Estudios de la Mujer, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The Annual Tom Sealy lecture on Law & the Free Society, University of Texas School of Law
The Annual Peace Lecture, University of Groningen, Holland
The Sproule Lectures, McGill University
The Distinguished Humanities Scholar Lecture, The University of Georgia
The Bradley Foundation Lecture Series, Kenyon College
Plenary Speaker, International Conference on Christianity and Democracy, Emory University
The Edward Douglass White Lecture, Louisiana State University
The Bertha May Bell Andrews Memorial Lecture, Bates College
The Richard Kamm Memorial Lecture, Wheaton College
The Charles Phelps Taft Lecture, University of Cincinnati
The 1993 Massey Lectures, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The Ryan Lecture, Georgetown University Law Center
The Andrew J. Cecil Lecture, University of Texas, Dallas
The Donald R. Brown Memorial Lecture, University of Vermont
The Jay Gilbert Jameson Lecture, University of Redlands
The Bernard J. Flanagan Lecture on Religion and Public Affairs, Holy Cross College
The Herscher Institute for Applied Ethics Inaugural Lectures, Sacred Heart University
The Bonhoeffer Inaugural Lecture, Union Theological Seminary
The Phi Kappa Phi Lecture, James Madison University
The Walter Polk Binns Lecturer, William Jewell College (1994)
The Covey Lectures, Loyola University, Chicago, 1995
The Lecture Series in American Constitutionalism, Southwest Texas University
The John and Elizabeth Baker Peace Studies Lecturer, Ohio University
Public Ethics Lecturer, the Kennedy School
Civitas Plenary Lecturer, Prague, 1995


Phi Kappa Phi Keynote Lecturer, Annual Conference
The Willard O. Eddy Lecture, Colorado State University
The Ward Morton and David Kenney Public Lecture Series, Southern Illinois University
Distinguished Lecturer on Education and Democracy, The University of Northern Colorado
The Lois Miller Memorial Lecture, St. Norbert's College
The James A. Gray Lectures, Duke Divinity School
The McMartin Lecture, the University of Ottawa
The Theodore M. Hesburgh Lectures on Ethics and Public Policy, Notre Dame
The Newman Lecture and The Beatty Lecture for Law and Political Science, McGill University
The Gellert Visitor, Bryn Mawr
The Distinguished Lecture Series, Maryville University
The Annual Lecture on Democracy, Messiah College
The Christianity and Learning Lecturer, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto
Keynote Lecturer, National Society of Fund-Raising Executives, Los Angeles
The M. L. Seedman Town Hall Lecture, Rhodes College
The Harry Rex Davis Lecture, Beloit College
The Graduate Commencement Address, Gonzaga University
Chautauqua Institution, Summer Seminar presentation, "The American Electorate: A Civil Society" (also videotaped for distribution by C-Span)
Gannett Lecture, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Inaugural lecture for College of the Humanities, Carleton University, Ottawa
Koerner Lecture in the Liberal Arts, Simon Fraser University
Hammond Lecturer on Religion, Ethics and Society, Virginia Tech
Grinnell College Sesquicentennial Lecture and Convocation Address
Convocation Address, University of Chicago
The Graduate Commencement Address, Valparaiso University


Kritikos Lecturer, University of Oregon
Snugg Lectureship, University of Tulsa
The William Weber Lecture in Government and Society, Kalamazoo College
The Fishback Lectures, Washington & Lee University
The Mitau Lecture, Macalester College
Oklahoma Leadership Lecture, University of Oklahoma
The Graduate Commencement Address, Maryville College, St. Louis
250th Anniversary Festivities speaker, Princeton University
Plenary speaker, Society of Christian Political Scientists, Furman University
Edith and Henry Everett Scholar-in-Residence, Chautauqua Institution, Summer, 1997
Visiting Lecturer, University of Cape Town, South Africa
The Luther Lectures, Luther College, Regina University, Regina, Saskatchewan
Institute Philosophy and Religion Lecturer, Boston University
Plenary Address, British International Studies Association, December, 1997
University of Bristol, Benjamin Meeker Visiting Professorship, December, 1997 (one week of lectures)


The Hein-Fry Lecture Series, Spring 1998
The Staley Lecture, Redeemer College, Canada
President's Lecture Series, University of Montana, Missoula
Institute for United States Studies Lecturer, London, April 1998
Hillenbrand Lecturer, The Archdiocese of Chicago, May 1998
Edith Landsberg Memorial Lecturer, Akron League of Women's Voters, Sept. 198
Cleveland City Club (return visit), Sept. 1998
The Battisti Memorial Lecturer, Case Western Reserve University, Sept. 1998
Ensign Lecturer, and Convocation Address, Yale University Divinity School, Oct. 1998
Eunice Belgum Memorial Lectures, St. Olaf's College, Oct. 1998
Aims of Religion Address, Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, Oct. 1998
Fine Arts Lecturer, Presbyterian College, Clinton, South Carolina, Oct. 1998
Smith Lectureship, Elon College, North Carolina, Oct. 1998

[In addition, I have served as a paper-giver, panelist, or discussant for approximately one-hundred-seventy times at professional association meetings.]

Honors, Fellowships, and Grants

First place, Critical Review category, Evangelical Press Association Meeting 1999, for "Idiots, Imbeciles, Cretins".

Panel to honor Jean Bethke Elshtain, APSA, Southern Political Science Association Meeting, Atlanta, Oct. 29, 1998

Honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, Messiah College, 1999

Honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, Grinnell College, 1997

Honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, Maryville University, St. Louis, 1997

Castel Gandalfo Colloquium on "Enlightenment Today," sponsored by the Institute for Human Sciences, held at the summer home of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II and in his presence, August 7-11, 1996

Elected as a Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1996

Honorary degree, Doctor of Laws, Gonzaga University, 1996

Honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, Valparaiso University, 1996

Selected as a Phi Beta Kappa Scholar for 1997-1998

The Ralph Waldo Emerson Award, Committee of Phi Beta Kappa, 1997-98

Eminent Scholar Roundtable, International Studies Association, 1995

Named as one of one hundred visionaries by Utne Reader, 1995

Guggenheim Fellow, 1991-1992

National Humanities Center Fellow (1991-1992, declined)

Ellen Gregg Ingalls Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching, Vanderbilt Univ., 1991

Fellow, Institute for the Humanities, Vanderbilt University, 1988-89; 1989-90; 1990-91

President's Writing Award, 1985 (Awarded by the President of the University of Massachusetts)

Faculty Research Grant, University of Massachusetts, 1985; 1977; 1976

Scholar in Residence, Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Conference & Study Center, May-June, 1983

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Fellow, 1981-1982 (NEH funded grant)

The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, New Hampshire, Writer-in-Residence, Summer 1981

The National Book Critics Circle, 1980-

Professional Development Award, University of Massachusetts, Spring 1980

Who's Who of American Women, 1977-

The World Who's Who of Women, 1977-

Radcliffe Institute Fellowship for Graduate Study, 1969-1972

Brandeis University Full Fellowship, 1966-1969

Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1963-1964

Professional Assignments (select list)

Member, editorial board, Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 2000-

Member, Board of Directors, Illinois Humanities Council, 1999- Advisory Board Member, Center for Christian Studies, Gordon College, 1999-

National Advisory Council for Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics, Calvin College, 1999-

Co-Director, Religious Assembly for Uniting America, project of the American Assembly, 1999-

Editorial Advisory Board, Review of Politics, 1998-

Member, Board of Advisors, Summer Faculty Seminar Program, Calvin College, 1998-

Member, National Advisory Council, Center for Studies of the Family, Brigham Young University, 1998-2001

Vice-President, American Political Science Association, 1998-99 Member, editorial board, Books & Culture, 1998-

Editorial Committee, Annual Review of Political Science, 1997-

Member, Advisory Council, Dept. of Politics, Princeton University, 1997-2001

"Public Philosopher," regular contributor for The New Republic, July, 1996-

Board member, Chicago Humanities Institute, 1996-

Editorial board, Journal of Political Theory, 1996-

Co-chair, National Task Force on Civic Education for the Next Century, American Political Science Association, 1996-

Senior Advisor, Lilly Faculty Seminar on Religion and Higher Education, 1996-

Member, Leadership Task Force on Religion and Public Values, The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (chaired by Gov. Thomas H. Kean), 1996-

Committee on International Peace and Security, Social Science Research Council, 1994-

Consultant on Democracy and Civil Society, Pew Charitable Trust and The Kettering Foundation, 1996-

Chair, Council on Civil Society, The University of Chicago, 1996-

Member of the Board, The National Humanities Center, appointed 3-year term, 1996-99. Appointment renewed, 1999-2002.

Co-editor, Journal of Religion, 1995-

Member, National Commission on Civic Renewal, 1997-

Member, Penn Commission on American Culture and Society, 1996-1999

Vice-President, American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, 1995-97.

Board of Trustees, Institute for Advanced Study, 1994-99 (appointed to a six-year term by the Director and Board of Governors)

Board of Trustees, Industrial Areas Foundation, 1994-

Board of Directors, Institute for American Values, 1994- (Chairman of the Board, 1995- )

Board of Academic Advisors, Encyclopedia Americana, 1994-

Co-chair, Council on Families in America, 1991-

Professional Ethics Committee, American Political Science Association, 1993-95

Advisory Board, Pew Charitable Trust Younger Scholars Award Chair, Carl Beck Award, International Studies Association, 1992-93

Public Life Consultant, Lilly Foundation

Charlotte Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, Final Review Committee, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93;

Political Science Review Committee, 1994-

American Political Science Association, Member, National Council, 1990-92. Appointed to Administrative Committee of the Council by President Theodore Lowi, 1990-91. Reappointed by President James Q. Wilson, 1991-92.

Grawemeyer World Order Award Jury, 1991-92.

Chair, Southern Political Science Association Committee to select best paper on women and politics presented at the 1988 annual meeting.

Chair, Leo Strauss Committee of the American Political Science Association to select best Ph. D. Dissertation in political theory, 1988-89.

Chair, Victoria Shuck Committee of the American Political Science Association to select best book on women and politics 1987-1988.

Program Chair, AMINTAPHIL (American branch, International Society for the Study of Law and Legal Philosophy), 1982-1983.

Section Head for Political Thought and Philosophy, Historical Approaches as member of 1984

Section Head Foundations of Political Theory, 1995-96
Program Committee of the American
Political Science Association.

Editorial Boards

Women and Politics
Free Associations
Journal of Politics
Centennial Review
First Things
Responsive Community Quarterly

Cambridge University Press for Cambridge Studies in International Relations Series, etc.


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