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Amy Apfel Kass

Curriculum Vitae

Fall, 1999

  • Name: Amy Apfel Kass

  • Home: 5811 S. Dorchester, Chicago, Illinois 60637

  • Home Phone: 773-241-5649

  • Marital Status: Married, l961 (Leon R. Kass)


    1959-62 ---- The College of the University of Chicago; A.B., l962.
    1962-64 ---- Brandeis University, Department of History of Ideas; M.A., l964.
    1967-72 ---- The Johns Hopkins University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Education; Ph.D., l973. (Dissertation: Radical Conservatives for Liberal Education.)

    Teaching Positions

    1964-66 ---- Social Studies Teacher, Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High, Sudbury, Mass.
    1969 ---- Instructor, Institute for Adult Education, Georgetown University, Wash. D.C.
    1972-75 ---- Instructor, The Evening College, The Johns Hopkins University
    1975 ---- Instructor, Liberal Studies Program, Georgetown University
    1974-76 ---- Tutor, St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland
    1976-78 ---- Lecturer, Humanities Collegiate Division, The University of Chicago
    1978-present ---- Senior Lecturer, Humanities Collegiate Division, The University of Chicago

    Other Teaching Activities

    (Partial Listing)
    1996-97 ---- Lilly Seminars for Civic Leadership
    1985-present ---- Faculty, "Fundamentals: Issues and Texts," Undergraduate Degree Program, New Collegiate Division, The University of Chicago
    1984-present ---- Staff Chairman, "Human Being and Citizen," Common Core Course
    1984 & 1987 ---- Seminar Leader, Paideia Program, Chicago Public Schools
    Summer, l986 ---- Seminar Co-leader, Telluride Association Summer Program, The University of Chicago

    Fellowships, Grants, and Honors

    Brandeis University Fellow, 1962-64
    The Johns Hopkins University Fellow, 1967-70
    Florence Bamburger Award, The Johns Hopkins University, l970
    The Llewelyn John and Harriet Manchester Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, The University of Chicago, 1980
    Visiting Scholar, Department of Education, Duke University, 1984-85
    Grant from Institute for Educational Affairs, 1984-85
    Grant from The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, 1991-1992
    Grant from Lilly Endowment, 1995-96 & 1996-98, to plan and run project on civic leadership


    "The Liberal Arts Movement: From Ideas to Practice," in The College, XXV, October, l973, pp.1-8,25-26

    "Accomplished Advocates for Change," review of Nadya Aisenberg and Mona Harrington, Women in Academe: Outsiders in the Sacred Grove, College Teaching, Spring, l989, pp.76-78.

    "Autobiographers as Teachers: Toward Solving the Problem of Civic Education," in Philip Jackson and Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon, editors, From Socrates to Software: The Teacher as Text and the Text as Teacher, Eighty-ninth Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Chicago, l989, pp.90-114.

    "The Education of Telemachos," in St. John's Review, XLI, number 1, 1991-1992, pp.39-60.

    "After the Fall," review of Mark Schwehn, Exiles from Eden, in First Things, August/September, 1993, pp.55-60.

    "Inspiriting Learning," College Teaching, Winter, 1994, pp.35-38.

    "The Giving Tree : A Symposium," in First Things, January, 1995, pp.36-37.

    [Book] American Lives: Cultural Differences, Individual Distinction (New York: Golden Owl Press, 1995).

    "Who Am I?: Autobiography and American Identity,"in College Teaching, Fall, 1995, pp. 93-99.

    [with Leon R. Kass] "What's Your Name?", in First Things, November, 1995, pp.14-25

    [with Leon R. Kass] "Proposing Courtship," in First Things, October, 1999, pp.32-41

    [Book with Leon R. Kass] Wing to Wing, Oar to Oar: Readings in Courting and Marrying, forthcoming January, 2000, University of Notre Dame Press.

    Public Lectures

    (Partial listing)
    "Plato's Meno: On Virtue and Learning"

    "On Women and Learning: Address to Entering Women"

    "The Odyssey: The Taming of the Shrewd"

    "The Odyssey: The Homecoming of Penelope"

    "Love and Friendship in Homer's Odyssey"

    "Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Woman's Movement"

    "What Do Women Want?"

    "The Education of Telemachos"

    "Autobiography and Teaching Cultural Literacy"

    "Re-viewing Booker T. Washington's Up From Slavery"

    "Autobiography and American Identity: Another Look at The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin"

    "Was it Worth it?" Convocation Address at Shimer College

    "Courtship in The Tempest"

    Professional Associations and Activities

    Consulting editor and reviewer, College Teaching, 1987-present
    Consultant to Lilly Endowment, Project on Leadership, 1995-present
    Member, "Ethics of Everyday Life Project," Institute on Religion and Public Life, 1992-present

    Courses Taught

    Georgetown University
  • Democracy and Education
  • Human Beings, Citizens, and Political Communities

    The Johns Hopkins University

  • Men and Ideas in American Educational Thought
  • Men and Ideas in American History
  • Political Philosophy: Ancient and Modern
  • Political Thought of the American Founding

    St. John's College

  • Freshman Seminar: Great Books of Ancient Greece

    The University of Chicago
    (Partial Listing)

  • Philosophy, Literature, and History (Common Core)
  • Human Being and Citizen (Common Core)
  • Philosophy and Law
  • Homer, Odyssey and Iliad
  • On Learning: Inquiry and Experience
  • The Nature of Tragedy
  • Autobiography and Education: Exemplary Americans (with Ralph Lerner)
  • Reading Lyric Poetry
  • Men and Women: Literary Perspectives
  • Politics and Literature: American Individualism (with Ralph Lerner)
  • Plato, The Apology of Socrates
  • Civility (with Leon R. Kass)
  • Politics and Sex: Literary Perspectives
  • American Lives: Franklin and Adams
  • Tolstoy, War and Peace (with Leon R. Kass)
  • Cultural Differences: Individual Distinction
  • Art and Nature: Shelley and Shakespeare
  • Politics in Literature: Tragedy
  • Ethics of Everyday Life: Courtship (with Leon R. Kass)
  • Melville, Moby-Dick (with Ralph Lerner)

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