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After the Cold War?


October 12Francis Fukuyama, Consultant, RAND Corporation and U.S. Department of State
The End of History Revisited
October 23 Fritz Stern, Dept. of History, Columbia University
The New Germany and Its Many Pasts
November 7Joseph Cropsey, Dept. of Political Science University of Chicago
The End of History in an Open-Ended Age?
January 16Stephen Sestanovich, Center for Strategic & International Studies, Georgetown University
The Soviet Union After the Cold War
February 6Laurie A. Mylroie, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Saddam: The Method and the Madness
April 10Michael Sandel, Dept. of Government, Harvard University
The Cold War and the American Polity
April 24Marc F. Plattner, Journal of Democracy
The Democratic Moment: How Long Will It Last?

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